Our leader: Gary Scott, one of the world’s best travel guides

Previously a professional international mountain guide and world-record holding mountaineer on the world’s highest peaks, Gary Scott is the founder, owner and operator of Right Path Adventures and will be your personal guide on your Dolomites Walking Tour.

Mountaineering Gary says – “I much prefer to stay in a warm bed in a nice hotel and enjoy great food and a wonderful glass of wine with my guests and not be freezing my butt off and risking my life on a cold and dangerous mountain.”
Gary is an expert at advanced walking techniques and will gladly show you ways to improve how you walk so you are more efficient and will not feel as tired at the end of the day.

Many people fear they will not be “in good enough shape” or “won’t be able to keep up.” That is not a problem with Gary – We have many people you can ask who will attest to that fact. It is simply not an issue as Gary will choose the right trail for you and he utilizes the many cable cars to get up into and down off the trails to your advantage so you can walk as much or as little as you want.

As a professional mountain guide Gary knows how to read the weather and can quickly adjust the schedule to ensure you get the most out of your time in the Dolomites regardless of the conditions.

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A little more about Gary…

A native Australian, Gary left on his first overseas trip at six weeks old, then on another international trip to north America to live for two years when he was six. On a vacation with his parents to Banff National Park in Canada he saw the Rocky Mountains and turned to his father and announced: “I want to be a mountain climber!” Back in Australia at the age of eight he learned that Mt. Everest was the highest mountain on earth and it became his goal to climb it.

Scott found that he loved being outside and in nature and he spent many years walking in the bush in Australia with a map and compass, then spent his teens learning the art of technical rock climbing. After high school he spent three years climbing full-time reaching the highest levels of the sport and achieving over 200 first ascents. He was certainly an early pioneer of extreme rock climbing in Australia and has done climbs that have never been repeated.

When Gary knew he was ready he left Australia with a daypack, his passport and a one-way ticket to Kathmandu, Nepal and 32 years later, as he jokes – “I am still on that same trip”. Scott spent the next few years trekking and climbing in Nepal and started working as a trekking guide for an international travel company. After a few years he started his own trekking company while working as a mountaineering guide for various prestigious companies around the world.

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Published Author Gary P. Scott

In 2003, Gary wrote the book “Summit Strategies: Secrets to Mastering the Everest in Your Life” weaving in lessons learned while climbing his way around the world. He has also authored rock climbing and triathlon guidebooks.

Gary spent time in the corporate world working for the U.S. Olympic Committee, managing radio stations, was the President of ten outdoor retail stores, and has started numerous companies. Organization, planning, attention to detail, management, and people skills are part of what has made him so successful as a guide.

Gary has an easy going, Australian “no-worries-mate” attitude that is infectious. He is a true professional and very good at handling all the details of a trip so people can relax and have fun. He is easy and fun to be with and allows his guests to be themselves and no matter what their age, background or walking ability they quickly feel like they are traveling with a good friend. Gary is very passionate about showing his friends and guests the hidden delights of the Dolomites and he and knows this is where he wants to spend the rest of his life. Any spare time he has he spends exploring new areas and making new contacts, and many people comment that one of the highlights of the week is meeting and talking with his many friends in the area.

“My only agenda is for you to have a fantastic time in the Dolomites and for you to be blown away by the walks and the views, the hotels I use and the staff that run them, the incredible food and the amazing wines, the people you will meet and the overall great time you will have. People ask me what walks will be be doing and I reply – I don’t know, I haven’t seen you walk…so don’t worry about that – I will take care of you and make sure you get to see the BEST of the area and have an absolutely incredible experience that will exceed your expectations.”

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