Health, Wellness, & Walking Retreat

September 20 – September 28,  2017


A Holistic Adventure Hosted by Step Sinatra & Gary Scott

$3,495 per person, All inclusive (land only), 8 nights and 9 days

Health and wellness expert Step Sinatra and fitness advocate Gary Scott will instruct you in living a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of Croatia. Fitness walking, hiking, biking, swimming and gym workouts invigorate the body while spa sessions, massages, meditation, and yoga replenish the soul. Incredible fresh healthy Mediterranean food, local wines, and a first class hotel serve to make this the trip of a lifetime.

Ten cool things about this retreat:
• Spectacular walks, mountain hikes & biking.
• Swimming in and boating on the Adriatic ocean.
• Indoor gym & outdoor training and fitness sessions.
• Spa & wellness areas, indoor and outdoor pools.
• Excellent massages & healing treatments available.
• Great weather – 70 – 80F average daytime temps.
• World class four star hotel and your own balcony with sea views.
• Delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine and local wines.
• Daily yoga, pilates, meditation and optional spiritual sessions.
• Day trips to other fascinating places nearby in Croatia.

Step Sinatra is an entrepreneur, winemaker, spiritual teacher, and adventurer of life. His mantra is “Giving is Living” and he has dedicated his life to raising the consciousness and vibration of the planet.

stepAfter five years as a successful Wall Street Trader in NYC, Step had gained the material world but lost his health. That led him on a journey of learning and discovery going all over the world and spending millions of dollars to recover his physical vitality. A near death experience also enlightened him to the importance of living a life of personal truth, self-discovery and compassion.

Step now runs a spiritually minded and organic wine company out of Napa Valley called FreeSpirit Wine. He also is writing a book for spiritually minded Entrepreneurs, operates a website called, and is producing the sequel of his film – “The Grounded.”

Gary writes about Step “I travel full time and meet many, many people and Step is one of the coolest, most interesting, let alone fun and genuine people I have met in a very long time. His experience and knowledge of healthy living, longevity and taking care of your health, let alone about wine, really impressed me and I know you will be changed forever after spending time with him.”

Gary Scott has pursued a life of health and fitness, being an extreme rock climber and a world class mountaineer. Gary has worked as a personal fitness trainer and was the General Manager of the U.S. National Triathlon team for two years. He has over 200 rock climbing first ascents to his name, set a world record for climbing Mt. Denali in Alaska in only 18 ½ hours, and he reached 28,000 feet on Mt. Everest without bottled oxygen, before turning back to help a Sherpa in distress.

Gary is the founder and owner of Right Path Adventures. He guides walking tours in the Dolomites of Italy as well as tours in Croatia and Slovenia.

Two nomads with very similar life styles – Gary and Step met at a health & wellness retreat on the small island of Gozo, Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, and instantly became good friends. They both had a vision to share what they had collectively learned with like minded souls searching for a path to better health, longevity, adventure, living your dreams, giving back to the world, getting grounded, and thus the idea of this retreat was born.

Gary has spent over a year exploring Croatia and has found some fantastic off-the-beaten-path places there. After much exploring and spending a lot of time on the Opatija Riviera on the beautiful and clean northern Adriatic ocean, he realized that this would be the perfect place to hold a healthy retreat.

$3,495 per person, 8 nights and 9 days.
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