Links to further Explore the Dolomites

links with more information on the region, the Dolomite mountains, and it’s people:

The world’s most beautiful mountains:

The mountains, peoples, and languages of the Dolomites:

Natural monuments:

South Tyrol’s mightiest Fortress:

The world’s most prominent mummy:

South Tyrol’s most splendid abbey:

The best-preserved town wall in the entire Alpine area:

South Tyrol’s highest rural habitations:

South Tyrol’s linguistic wealth:

The sunniest and one of Europe’s most beautiful botanical gardens:

Europe’s highest mines:

South Tyrol’s peerless wine culture:

Multifaceted cuisine linking north and south:

The most vibrant custom in the Alpine region:

Voyage into a primordial world:

King Laurin’s mythic rose garden:

Bridge between north and south:

The minnesingers of the Dolomites:

The evolution of tourism in the Dolomites:

The pioneers of mountaineering:

The front lines of World War 1:

Color takes center stage at the mountain lakes:

Conserving our natural heritage:

UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites:

12 ways to explore culture and South Tyrol’s way of life:

12 ways to explore wine culture in South Tyrol:

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