Dolomites – Walking & Hiking Options

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There are so many reasons to join us in the Dolomites for a walking tour:

1. Amazing variety of hiking options and terrain that are available based on your comfort level.
2. 4 star hotels with relaxing spa and pool to refresh yourself after an active day.
3. Hikes are led by an experienced and accomplished guide that has led more than 100 different tours in the Dolomites and has guided clients all over the world
4. $3,495 price includes daily hikes, amazing lodging, incredible meals, and all transportation.
5. Book now to save your spot on this amazing trip.

Gary is an expert at gauging people’s abilities and matching his guests with the right length and difficulty level for any walk or hike. He’ll take you on gorgeous walks that he knows are safe for the individual or group and are sure to fully exceed your expectations.

We rarely have an issue of people being too slow or too fast and if we do we’ll utilize local guides to join us so that everyone is happy and comfortable and walk at their own pace. Some people worry about “being left behind” but it does not happen and there is no hurry anyway and no need to worry as anyone ahead of you is simply enjoying the view, or taking a photo, or enjoying a cappuccino.

On our trips you can enjoy the hiking without being a mountain goat or a fitness champ, but if you are so inclined we can challenge you so that you get to cover all the ground you want, at any level. Our aim is to have every day be spectacular and to show people a wide variety of terrains and views and experiences and therefore each day is different. One day you may be walking along a grassy meadow listening to cowbells, and another high above tree line with the whole world below you.

Some trails that we use are smooth and wide, what we call “groomed” trails that are even wheelchair and stroller accessible and are enjoyed by anyone – even if they have never been on a walking trip before. Like the easiest ski runs these trails avoid big drop offs and are very safe and secure for any level of walker.

Then there are trails that are for the more experienced and adventurous, and in the Dolomites we know and use trails that fit the spectrum of everything from easy and challenging. We often use cable cars to get into the mountains quickly and to save our knees.

Our goal is to have our guests feel like they have done something but are not exhausted at the end of the day and dreading the next hike. We are very good at matching our guests with the “Right Path” for them and know where to take people, and perhaps more importantly – where not to take people.

Walking in the Dolomites

You’ll be able to walk at your own pace with a light daypack with time to smell the flowers, enjoy the views, and take some picture perfect postcard photographs to share with your friends when you return home.

Hiking in the Dolomites

Do you want to push yourself, really cover some ground, yet see some magnificent areas?
There are hiking options in the Dolomites for everyone. Each day we’ll discuss the type of hikes available in the area based on what you feel like doing. There is always the opportunity to do more hiking at the end of each day. Don’t forget this is Italy. Even hikes are done in a more leisurely fashion.

Average time walking per day? 5-6 hours

We start around 8:30am and are usually back by 3-4pm, with a few stops along the way and at least an hour for lunch, so an average day would be around 5-6 hours of walking at your own pace. Consider this, if you went to New York City or Rome or Disneyland for the day – you would be on your feet for probably more time than 6 hours, and in our opinion, walking on paths in the Dolomites is far less strenuous and easier on your body than walking on concrete all day. We have had groups that wanted to “walk all day” and we have walked from 8am until 6pm and took a picnic lunch and a few coffee stops at refugios along the way.

Average length of walks per day? 5-8 miles / 8-12 kilometers

With the option to do more or less. As explained above, you walk at your own pace and rarely is anyone more than a hundred meters or so behind the faster walkers. There is no real hurry in the Dolomites and we are usually slowing people down to relax and enjoy the walking and the views – and people seem to appreciate and enjoy that.


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