Dolomites Walking & Italys Alpine Region

The Dolomites – Italy’s Alpine Region!


Often spoken of as the world’s most beautiful mountains, the Dolomites of northern Italy are a Disneyland for walkers and hikers of all levels and a delight for nature lovers.

UNESCO described them as the world’s best natural architecture and declared them a World Heritage Nature Site in July, 2009. Many people say they have been spoiled forever after walking in the Dolomites, and rightly so.

Located at the crossroads of Northern and Southern Europe, the Dolomites are a one-of-a-kind, spectacular mountain range of beautiful limestone cliffs that were once a coral reef which gives them their incredible color and beauty.

This area of northern Italy was part of the Austrian Hungarian empire before the first world war so the area is steeped in history and it is a melting pot of art, architecture, people, gourmet food, culture, and it is renowned for it’s friendly people and it’s world class hospitality.

Truly a magical mountain paradise – the Dolomites provide a varied and spectacular hiking experience that can be enjoyed at any level of age, ability, fitness level and walking experience from novices to serious mountain folk.

With the world’s largest ski lift and cable car system comprising more than 500 lifts we can quickly and easily get to the best views and greatly extend our hiking range for the day and can avoid big ascents and descents.

There are nine different nature parks, dozens of valleys and villages, signs in three languages, and thousands of different walking trails, the Dolomites can be a very confusing place – however, after many summers exploring the Dolomites Gary knows the best walks and viewpoints, the best places to stay and dine, and the most fun and interesting things to show you.

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