Weather in the Dolomites Mountains

Dolomites walking and hiking route options
The Dolomites of northern Italy are a part of the Alps and are on the same latitude as Seattle, Minneapolis and Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

Our mountain and walking tours run through what we consider to be the most reliable times for weather. Hotels, restaurants, cablecars and mountain lodges. All are open from mid June through early October.

Please click here for dates on our six-day walking tours which are limited to eight guests each week.
There is normally no snow during that time and the hiking is incredible.

In July and August the average maximum temperature is a little less than 80 degrees F. The daily average is in the upper 60′s F. All Alpine regions receive some rain during the summer, so be prepared. But we rarely miss a day outside enjoying the views.

June and September are the driest months. But the days will be 10 degrees (F.) colder.

If you enjoy flowers, mid-June through July will showcase the Alpine’s full blooms.

Late September into early October showcases the magnificent colors of the mountain forests – and you’ll find the footpaths more to yourselves.

The Dolomites are a very confusing place, and the weather can change quickly, so going with a professional mountain guide is a very wise decision. Our expert mountain guides will check the weather each day and know where to take you, and maybe more importantly, where not to take you, depending on the weather and the group.

Feel free to email Gary Scott at or call him at (435) 729-9107 for more information.