Guest Comments – Touring the Dolomites with Gary Scott

Feedback on Touring the Dolomites with Gary ScottFrom summer 2016

Dear Gary,
Thank you so much for these fabulous days! I had been afraid I wouldn’t keep up, but it all turned out so well!

I am one of your oldest (86 years) hikers and am so grateful I could still have this experience. Thanks for your kindness!
Henni  09/28/2016

You have told us that the mountains speak for themselves.
You have an ear that hears these voices, a heart that enjoys each moment, eyes that see beauty and adventure at every turn, a hand that gently touched our lives with inspiration, and the wisdom to teach us to respect and cherish these mountains and these moments.

We hope our smiles speak to you with our sincere thanks and appreciation.
Jim and Jan 09/15/2016

Dear Gary,
Thank you for an amazing week. I never thought I’d be able to enjoy such wonderful walks and hikes. You showed us such wonderful vistas. It was so much fun for me, and thrilling that I could walk through such thrilling places.

Thank you again.
Mollie & Fred 09/02/2016

This has been a great week. I loved being in the mountains.
Thank for being patient with my hiking abilities. Next winter when I’m hiking in flat Ohio, I will close my eyes and visualize the Dolomites with their many colors.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Julie Hoch 09/02/2016

Since this is our second time here, I can write this before our trip is even over. I can tell you now that this will be the most relaxing week I have had in six years. It is not an easy thing to be “in the now”. But you make it easy by putting together these worry free weeks for folks like us.

I hope we made it worry free for you during our week here. I hope one day we canhere to experience the Dolomites

Thank you again,

Your love and enthusiasm for the Dolomites is infectious and indelible.
Thank you,

Dear Gary,
Glad that the sky is blue and the grass is green with such a lot of nice fresh air all sandwiched in between!
Thank you for an unforgettable week of gorgious hikes filled with camaraderie, cappuccinos, wonderful hotels, food, and people, as well as all the thought and care you put into making our week so truly memorable. We will never forget it or you!
Thank you,
J Kristen

Your knowledge of the Dolomites is amazing! We appreciated every minute of the hike.

Dear Gary,
Thank you so much for introducing us to this fabulous part of the world for which you obviously have a great passion – and for good reason!

It was a memorable trip and the beautiful images of the Dolomites will be forever imprinted in our minds. It was great “flowing” with you.
Maria and Dennis Morris 09/28/2016

From summer 2015

Words can’t express the most wonderful adventure we have had with you. You have been our guide, instructor, chauffeur, and above all our friend this week, what a pleasure to be a part of “Gary’s World”. Your knowledge, kindness and generosity of spirit are beyond compare. Thank you, thank you, thank you for indulging our whims, understanding our wants, giving us many unforgettable memories and exceeding our expectations of a truly beautiful area and vacation – Fran & Ken K. – New York, U.S.A

“Thank you Gary, we had such a wonderful time hiking the Dolomites. Such beauty, such wonder, you’re a great guide, we loved it all.” – Marilyn & Mal M. – Noosa, QLD, Australia

“The majesty of the area continued to enthrall us, thanks so much Gary for sharing your treasured secrets with us, it was the trip of a lifetime.” – Kay & Sherman E. – Seattle, U.S.A .”

“Gary, what a GREAT trip! Magnificent views at every corner and wonderful and interesting lodgings, it could not have been a better holiday.” – Creagh & Rachel M., QLD, Australia

“I had an amazing time hiking through the Dolomites with you and the rest of the group. You taught us all so much about how to stay “in the moment” and to be “focused” when we got distracted or off track. Thanks for everything.” – Alexa, (16 years old), Chicago, USA

“Gary, you are THE best guide. Thank you SO much for ensuring a safe, fun and super enjoyable trip to the Dolomites. We hope to come back for another trip with you.”
– Judy & Ann, Sydney, Australia

“Thanks for a relaxing experience in the Dolomites – beautiful scenery, great company, wonderful hotels, and for the many options each day” – Laurie S., Los Angeles, CA, USA

“It was a great trip – well organized, lovely accommodation and great meals.”
– Louisa P., VIC, Australia

“Thank you for a wonderful trip! The hotels were fantastic, great food & company in a beautiful setting – the Dolomites are a very special place indeed! We appreciated all your help in planning
the trip and our time in Italy before meeting up with you. We hope to take another tour with you in the future.” – Tammy & John P., Minneapolis, MN, USA

“Best trip EVER! You are amazing, thank you from all of us!” – The Arenson’s, Chicago, USA

“Gary, we had an amazing week – loved the Dolomites and hiking with you and the group. It really made the difference that you had such deep connections at the hotels and restaurants – meeting your friends and learning from them was a highlight – thanks for a great week.”
– Suzanne & David D., Vancouver, B.C., Canada

“We had a great time in an amazing location. Thanks for smoothing the way and making the trip wonderful.” – Steph. J., San Francisco, CA, USA

“We had a great time and you looked after us exceptionally well. The variation of locations and scenery was great, especially the sunset at the mountain lodge. Thank you for showing us the beauty of a unique region of the world.” – Mark & Sue-Anne P., Melbourne, VIC, Australia

“Gazza, we confess that we were a little intimidated by your incredible hiking/climbing resume – but from the get-go you reminded us to just enjoy, and be “in the moment”. We all could relax and appreciate the incredible grandeur and charm of the Dolomites with you. Thank you for your guidance, the great hotels, and your professionalism. We know you went the extra mile for us.” – Dorothy & Gary W., Tucson, AZ, USA

“Gary, thank you for a wonderful vacation and a few unbelievable experiences! You exceeded every expectation, and raised the bar day after day! You were great with our lively group and you were phenomenal with Alexa (16 yrs) for which we are so appreciative. We loved our adventure thanks to you! We wish you the best” – Karen, Steven & Alexa A., Chicago, USA

“Thanks Gary for a great week – everything was perfect!” – Sam & Andrew B., VIC, Australia

“Gary, it was a pleasure and an honor following your competent and confident lead. Thank you for creating additional adventure by allowing our individuality – you became part of our tribe.”
– Karen & Jeff M., Diablo, CA, USA

“Gary, thank you for showing us such a marvelous part of the world, not only beautiful but it is the people you introduced us to that make the difference – all the walks were great!”
– Lisa B., Minneapolis, MN, USA

“Thank you for a fantastic time exploring the Dolomites. Your expert guidance in choosing the perfect hike for the day, your insight into the area and the personal touches you added and meeting your friends was all fantastic. Looking forward to future experiences with you.” – John E., San Diego, CA, USA

“Since we met in Christchurch we knew this was going to be one amazing experience. Words are simply inadequate to describe the grandeur of the Dolomites and how pleased we are to have you as our guide and mentor. Thanks for introducing us to your friends – they were delightful, and for everything else!” – Barry & Lyndsey H., Christchurch, New Zealand

“What can we say? It is going to be very difficult to even try and explain to our family and friends the depth, beauty and spirituality of this incredible journey we’ve taken with you. Your fun and spontaneity and huge gift for making things happen so effortlessly have been admirable and my birthday party will live on in our memories for a very long time. Thank you so much Gary for all the special care you gave us so instinctively.” – Terry & Lynn R., New Zealand

“Thanks for showing us the spectacular Dolomites – and for the great accommodation and food!”
S. Levy, Ancaster, Canada

“Gary, thanks for all you have done for us on this magnificent trip. We have so much appreciated your friendship and good humor and your ability to stay cool and make things happen was amazing. Great also to meet your friends.” – The Ryders, New Zealand

“Grazie Gary. A big thank you for a marvelous week – it was all we hoped for and more. We have thoroughly enjoyed your company learning all about the Dolomites from you. A special thank you for allowing us to meet your friends, they are all delightful people and have made our experience much more special and memorable.” – The Hadleys, Christchurch, New Zealand

“What a grand adventure! Thanks for a physically and mentally reaffirming week of beauty in the Dolomites. It was beyond my expectations in every way and I am so grateful to have had you as our guide.”
Geri A., Wichita, KS, USA

“Well done trip – nice combination of outings and good management of people. Best part other than the mountains was to spend time with “the real deal” – you! So glad we met and I hope we hike again with you soon.” – Peter, Lilly & Petrona F., Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

“A perfect holiday! The walks you choose for us had great variety and were awesome and the scenery amazing. You were an amazing guide and tailored the hikes perfectly for our needs – and allowed us to make some great friends within the group. Thanks to a job well done!”
Paul & Sue L., Ontario, Canada

“I am so grateful for how well you have cared for me and Geri. It has been a grand adventure and allowed me to stretch in so many ways. You are a kindred spirit and I am so happy to have connected with you on this trip – mucho gracias!” – DeAnn S., Wichita, KS, USA

“Thanks for a great tour. The daily options you gave us were great as was the hiking, the food and the hotels – we had fun on all levels and appreciate your professional approach.” – Team Melbourne – The Hays, Ballantynes and Michelmores, VIC, Australia

“Thanks Gary for a fabulous time in the Dolomites. Wonderful hotels and meals and most importantly amazing scenery on all our walks!” – Andrew & Kate, VIC, Australia

“How do you thank someone who transports and transforms 6 middle age sedentary city-folk into avid Dolomite hikers. You gently, with great patience and professionalism guided us through great hikes into breathtaking scenery, immersing us in delicious food and wines of the region, and even let us loose on your friends…and always with the just the right amount of “options”. Thank you Gary we loved it all!” – Sue & Mark M., Melbourne, Australia

“As one Aussie to another – bloody good job mate! You are a legend! Thank you for an amazing tour – it was fabulous!” – Peter D., Canberra, Australia

“Through your knowledge, connections and skill we have experienced an amazing week and challenging snapshot of life in the Dolomites. We especially enjoyed the history, meeting all kinds of special people and the great exercise roaming among the mountains and meadows. Grazie mille for your attention to every detail!” – The Porters, Minneapolis, MN, USA

“Thank you so much for guiding me not only on my 1st hike, but through the beautiful Dolomites. As a travel agent I greatly appreciated your choice of hotels, restaurants, mountain huts, etc., that have all been excellent and so memorable!” – Lynn S., New York, NY, USA

“It was an amazing trip in every way! I enjoyed all the hikes and places we stayed and the great food. A very memorable time – you are a great person and guide and I will certainly recommend you to others – thanks for a great time!” – Vera K., Washington D.C, USA

“Gary – the Dolomites have just made it to my all time favorites! Your love for the area is amazing – and I believe you are on the Right Path in becoming “the expert” guide for the area. Lovely accommodations, fantastic restaurants and terrific hikes – a perfect “10” all the way round. Thanks so much for the wonderful memories.” – Sue I., Baltimore, USA

“Thanks for sharing your passion for this beautiful and unique environment. Your insights as a Dolomite “insider” added greatly to our enjoyment – we will be back!” – Jim & Deb N., Minneapolis, USA

“What a magic place, thanks for sharing your passion of the Dolomites with us.” – Graham J., Perth, Australia

“This has been a fantastic trip! When you first picked us up you suggested we “be here now” and I thank you for that reminder. Amy and I love this place!” – John & Amy T., Dunkirk, USA

“I knew when I signed up for this experience it would be the trip of a lifetime and it has been! This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I feel very lucky to have been here once, but I am pretty sure we will be back.” – A. Fernandez, Maryland, USA

“I had a fabulous time and the trip met all my expectations. Loved all parts of it – especially the awesome hotels, great food and great hikes.” – Debbie P., Minneapolis, USA

“I am so glad we came with you! Wine, excellent food, more wine, walks, cows, sheep, cable cars, a tight rope walker, more wine, excellent hotels and a wonderful night at the mountain lodge, fixing the van with duct tape and a cork, and finally wine…it was such a great time and experience. Thanks for your zeal and dedication to us during this vacation.” – Claudia L., USA

“Absolutely amazing scenery, hospitality and culture! The Dolomites are truly awesome! We appreciated your flexibility and spontaneous alterations in plans to maximize our experience. We are delighted you are sharing this special area with adventure seeking travelers like us.”
Peter & Jane B., So. Carolina, USA

“What can I say…from the moment you picked us up, to our last amazing supper – everything was outstanding. Everything was…priceless – “right on” Right Path – it was perfect!”
– Vicki & Randy B., Colorado, USA

And a few comments from previous years….

“Where do we start to thank you for the most fantastic, magical, surreal adventure we’ve ever been on? We were all told to “live in the moment” and the moment was crammed full of memories of a guide that gave us surprises, challenges, insights, delights and awe.” – Karen & Pete M., Minneapolis, MN, USA

“You are a superb expert in your field and we are the luckiest of recipients. We thank you for your care and wisdom and thanks for all the fun stuff we got to see, do, eat and drink.” – Julie & Riley, Chicago, USA

“Our family of nine with ages ranging from 25 to 89 appreciated your flexibility and the way you juggled our different needs and abilities each and every day.” – Barb & Homer G, Wisconsin, USA

“We appreciated every hike and the incredible views and the new friends (your friends) we got to meet along the way. Once again thanks for a perfect week in the Dolomites!” – Zac & Laura, Minneapolis, MN, USA

“Gary did a great job of juggling varying needs and interests.” – Jean D. Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“A great choice of hikes, fun companions and excellent food, Gary works very hard to individualize your experience.” – Gene P., New Mexico, USA

“Gary was marvelous and very patient with the slow, I’m 79!” – Frank W., Auckland, New Zealand

“A great variety of walks and Gary knows the area so well.” – Allison W., Auckland, New Zealand

“An absolutely fabulous week. I can’t wait to come back and see more of the Dolomites.” – Kayleen S. Atlanta, USA

“Greatest trip I have ever been on – I would highly recommend it. Gary gave us the freedom to be who we are and who we wanted to be.” – Mark R., Provo, Utah, USA

“We were taken perfect care of, I loved every minute of it.” – Lori S., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

“I appreciate the freedom and the attention you gave us. Don’t miss this trip, it has been unbelievable.”
– Dan D., Boise, Idaho, USA

“A fabulous time, our first “active” vacation and we loved it!” – Aaron R., Ogden, Utah, USA

“Absolutely the best vacation we have ever been on.” – Jesse R., Ogden, Utah, USA

“Great hikes through stunning scenery and the food was amazing.” – John & Jackie S., NSW, Australia

“The best vacation of our lives – spectacular in every way!” – Kipp D., Boise, Idaho, USA

“To a great guide, thanks for a great trip, and especially all your encouragement.” – Jan B., Las Vegas, USA

“Every moment we spent is one we will treasure. The views are like like National Geographic photos. The experiences were expertly guided by Gary – highly recommended!” – Dawn & Mark B., Washington, USA

“As with every other trip I have done with you, it was all I expected and more – wonderful, awesome and beautiful – looking forward to the next.” – Suzie B., Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“A great week of discovery – all new, and every day full of fresh surprises. Thanks Gary for all the thought you put into the itinerary, and with your flexibility with different people’s needs and preferences – thanks for a very memorable week.” – Alan & Laurie S., Tampa, Florida, USA

“As it turns out, Shangri-La IS the Dolomites. Thank you Gary for introducing us to this magical mountain paradise. With your guidance every step here became meaningful. It’s impossible to put the beauty of this place into words and we are so grateful for the humor, luxury, challenge and enthusiasm you’ve shared.”
Lee M., NYC, NY, USA

“What a great week Gary, in every respect. You have really discovered the best the Dolomites has to offer and I so enjoyed my first encounter with them through your skillful guidance. Hiking with you was a pleasure and so expertly managed. I really enjoyed your friends that we met, the hotels and the great food. Thank you so much for your kind, warm, friendly expertise through the week.” – Mary J., NYC, NY, USA

“Our family of nine people had a very good week. We were treated with the finest food, facilities and hiking – and all had a very good time.” – Barb & Homer (89 years old), Chicago, IL, USA

“Hikes through all variates of forest and rock, trails and paths. Gary provided beautiful hikes for our families diverse abilities, fitness and ages and we all were very happy.” – Pete M., Minneapolis, MN, USA

“This certainly was a great experience. I had no idea of the variety of landscapes we would see and experiences we would have. I am sad to see the end of the week.” – Riley & Julie M., St. Paul, MN, USA

“We had an excellent week of hiking through the Dolomites. There was a variety of choices each day to suit the needs of each member of our family. Gary was able to challenge each person as much or as little as they wanted. It was so fun to attend your friend’s beach party – awesome!” – Zac & Laura, Minneapolis, MN, USA