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Slovenia offers us a wide range of wonderful outdoor activities: biking, canoeing, hiking, and walking. Depending upon the group’s desires, interests, we design a tour tailored to you. We then take weather into consideration. Hotel and mountain lodges are then booked along our route that will suit the type of trip for that week.

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Hotels & Lodges


The hotels and lodges are almost all family-based, and have been within their families for many generations. They live and work there every day and have become our friends. It is similar to being welcomed into their homes. Frequently we sit and chat with the owners.

The 3 to 4 star hotels have been chosen for many reasons: mostly because they are clean, comfortable, friendly staff and have modern amenities. They are all in good locations, such as a vibrant village or have a great view.

Some have fantastic spa areas where you can enjoy and relax. Massages and beauty treatments should be booked once we start your trip. Many of the hotels have excellent chefs. Some nights we’ll take dinner in the hotel restaurants, where we know you will love the meal.

In a typical week we will stay at two different hotels and one mountain lodge. The experience of watching the sunset and maybe the sunrise while surrounded by the peace and quiet of these beautiful coral mountains is something you will cherish.

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From a culinary perspective, Slovenian foods are a fusion of Alpine and Mediterranean, mixed with the Balkans and Western Europe. You’ll find fresh pasta, olive oil, ham from Trieste, Austrian smoked sausages, sauerkraut, lots of poppy seed dishes, wild mushrooms, fresh Mediterranean sea dishes, and more.

Slovenia was featured in Bon Appétit magazine. The Article “Slovenia, Europe’s Hidden Gem” can be read by clicking here.

Breakfasts are usually a large buffet of healthy choices including cereals, granola, yoghurt and fruit, breads, pastries, cheeses, meats and often eggs and of course coffee, tea and juices.

During our walks we stop along the way at wonderful little places. This gives us a break for a drink or a snack.

Dinners are included in the price for the tour. However, you are free to explore the villages and try a restaurant of your choice, either by yourself or with a group. Of course, your guide, Gary Scott will make recommendations.

After dinner there are bars, nightclubs and friendly pubs where you can meet some locals and even listen to some live music.\


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